Fight Back

boxerDid you know Satan’s attacks on your life aren’t just about you? I’ll never forget when I learned this truth and what it did on the inside of me.

I had been going through a particularly hard time where depression and oppression seemed to consume me. It was the result of some things in my life that seemed so out of my control. These things and situations had sucked the life right out of me and, I didn’t see how I could go on. I didn’t think I had any fight left in me. I wanted to give up.

During this time I remember feeling so covered in a cloud of darkness I didn’t want to fight anymore. I don’t have a history of suffering from depression. No, this wasn’t a medical problem. This was what the Bible talks about in Matthew 13:22 when Jesus shares about the cares of the world choking out the Word of God from being true and bearing fruit in your life.

Worry, fear and anxiety had moved in and set up camp in my heart… and I had let it. That’s the way Satan tries to operate. He tries to wear you down so YOU talk yourself out of victory, YOU talk yourself into defeat and YOU talk yourself into giving up.

I was in my living room when I heard God speak to my heart. He said, “This isn’t about you.” In an instant, as I looked at my oldest daughter (then a toddler), I knew what God was saying. This attack on my life, the one I wasn’t resisting by going to the Bible and finding His truth on the subjects at hand, was about getting to my children! It was about Satan getting to my family, our future, the call on our lives, the people we were going to reach and lives we would affect. No this attack was much bigger than me. Satan has found a crack and was trying to break through the line to get to what I held dear the most.

Maybe you will understand what I mean when I say, “The momma bear came out of me.” All of the sudden, I understood the gravity of the situation and the importance of fighting. That day I made a choice. I would no longer just lay down and take what Satan was trying to dish out. I wasn’t created to be a doormat to other’s poor choices or curveballs that life threw.  I was created to be “more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37).”  And I decided that no devil in hell was going to get through me to get to my children, their futures or my family because I was tired of trying. That day I realized I was stronger than Satan had been trying to convince me I was.

What have you been laying down and taking in your life that is less than God’s best? What toxic thought patterns, emotions and habits are robbing, not only you but, those around you? What tactic has Satan been using to keep you sidetracked so he could attack the lives of your children/family/loved ones?

Let me leave you with something. Satan can’t take anything from you unless you let him. It’s true! Don’t let him have your peace. Don’t let him have your happiness. Don’t let him have the last word in any area of your life. Fight back. How do you do that? With the Word of God.

Find scripture about your situation and spend time writing those verses out. Speaking them out loud and getting them so deep down in your heart that the truths they hold become your new reality. Its’s amazing how meditating on the Word of God changes how you think about a situation which, in turn, changes how you act about a situation which ultimately changes the results of a situation. The Word of God builds your faith up in an area (Romans 10:17) so your faith can do the fighting for you.


So fight and don’t give up. The Word is true and never fails. Let it be true in your life by believing it over any lie Satan has tried to sell you.