Have you ever felt unwelcome in a space? Uninvited or awkward because you don’t “fit” with other people in the room? You aren’t sure where to sit, what to say, how to look, and, frankly, you can’t wait to leave. You want to run away as fast as you can because you’re sure “everyone else” also sees how well you don’t fit.

Or do you?

Who told you you don’t belong?

Who told you you don’t fit?

Who says you’re not welcome?

You see, Daughter of God, if you only realized your royal position in this world, you would see why Satan has tried so hard to convince you that you don’t belong. You would see why he wants you to excuse yourself from the room and why he wants you to hide your light.

If you would choose to see yourself the way your Heavenly Father sees you, you would realize the thoughts that tell you to run are not his voice. And the actual words spoken to you by others who also couldn’t see your worth weren’t from God either. You would see how those people were used by the enemy to cause you to draw back and shy away from the identity God has for you.

Why? Because if you never show up in a space, if you never fully shine, if you always hide behind the cloak of shame and fear, you’ve disarmed yourself, Satan didnt have to. If you listen to every whisper that says you’re not as good as “them, ” or not qualified to walk where your heart aches to go, you’ve made Satan’s job of silencing you an easy one.

A few years ago I decided to start showing up. Showing up to life, showing up for my family, and showing up for my call but, in order to do so, I had to let the Lord start teaching me how He saw me. He had to put His identity in me and erase the years of subtle lies I had believed. Lies I had accepted the same way a fish takes the bait. I had to start seeing myself as HIS and realizing that’s all I had to be. Just His.

I recently had a text converstation with a friend who was attending a banquet she didn’t want to attend. Her and I are very simliar. We each appeciate a t-shirt and pair of jeans over just about any other option and can feel out of place when things get too fancy. Neither of us know what to do with extra attention and feel most comfortable cheering on someone else. And both of us have believed lies at times that make us feel unworthy to show up in a room.

She text me about where she was and how she didn’t want to be there, and I answered back with a light-hearted reminder about Who she belonged to. You see, this is something I’ve been working on too- seeing my worth based in Who I belong to, not how I feel. I told her to enjoy herself, go back for seconds and put extra butter on her roll. Just my funny way to remind her she belonged. We laughed and then went on but the truth of that conversation has continued to play over and over in my mind.

Processing that short conversation led me to writing this blog post for you. Why? Because I want you to look deeper at how you walk into a room. Is your head down? Do you assume you’re unwanted and unwelcome? Do you want to run away as fast as you can? Now answer this, is that the way a Daughter of God should enter a room? Undervaluing her worth and downplaying what she brings to the table?

I’ll let you answer those questions because only you can. But Daughter, my prayer is that you answer them with truth and not emotions. Truth from what God says you’re worth.

And I hope you pull up a chair, go back for seconds, and put extra butter on your roll. Because, you’re His and that’s all you have to be.